Doctor Ayrad has been treating patients for many years who suffered HIV- Aids. He confirmed that HTV1 is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis and he developed a treatment based on a tea infusion made of natural herbs from Argentina, which don't cause any side effects and its ingredients are approved by the Public Health Ministry of the Argentinean Republic.

In MS cases with an evolution minor to 2 years, the procedure is so effective that in 60 to 90 days the disease backs up with no sequels. Treated with a minimum of three months and a top of six, the degenerative symptoms don’t get to progress, that means, the patient won’t  have more rashes.

In case of being a patient with more than two years, the disease will take longer for the symptoms to back up.

This is due to the evolution of the disease. However, an improvement will be noticed in the general state of health.