Phytoterapy can cure muscle atrophy

Phytoterapy can cure muscle atrophy

This is a copy of the article published for CLARIM, Brasilian newspaper.
A natural herbs based treatment developed by the Scientist and Doctor Omar Ayrad can cure muscle atrophy. An eleven year old from Araxá, Brazil called Matheu Felipe Rosa da Costa is the first in his country that underwent this phytotherapy procedure and results are visible in his clinical situation. The enzyme creatine phosphokinase that measures the fat accumulated between the bone and the muscle and that is responsible for the loss of movement consisted of 8.353 and decreased to 6.033 after only four months of treatment. Up until today, there was no medicine that lead to the cure of this disease and that would stop the advance of it. This illness can lead to death.

This new treatment does not jeopardize the human organism and immune system because it is 100% natural, made of medicinal herbs from Argentina. This plants have the property that can kill this virus and start a rehabilitation through a phytotherapy treatment. In addition to the beverage made of this herbs, Dr Ayrad recommends daily physiotherapy sessions.

Doctor Omar Ayrad establishes contact with his patients through the internet, due to the fact that he is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, although he sees patients all across the world.

The eleven year old’s mom, Elci Helena Rosa da Costa, tells she identified his son’s muscle atrophy when he was seven, when he had difficulties going up and down the stairs. She says: “He had to go up the stairs with somebody’s help, but if he had to do it by himself he crawled. During that time, I researched about this disease and tried to discover every possible treatment, but this situation kept on advancing and his difficulties increased”

Matheus started a treatment consisting on phytotherapy in May and he is already able to perform movements that were impossible for him to do. “After two months, I saw a big difference in his reactions. His muscle tone was stronger and he fell much less. Now, after four months, his improvement is visible, his posture got better, he goes up the stairs easily and he is able to do a lot of exercises he couldn’t before. We expect him to be 100% recovered”.

The phytotherapist Sabrina Romao Salerno that Matheus was seeing at the time affirms that the last fours months have shown an incredible improvement. “His walking was altered, his limbs’ muscle tone presented certain hypertrophy, he had really bad posture, and almost no balance along with breathing difficulties. The normal thing to happen with this pathology is to develop with time but in Matheus case, since he started this treatment, he is actually improving, his walk, his muscle tone, his posture, and balance are much better. He couldn’t even stay up on his feet before, but now he is able to with less trouble”.

Dr Salerno assures that there is no doubt about this improvement: “From now on, his recovery will be slower, but I think he will completely recover”

According to his mom, Matheus changed his behavior completely in this last months. “Before he used to be a shy boy, with problems tmaking friends, but now he is happy, he has friends and he is much more alive. Today Matheus has will power to get better and that makes me extremely happy. It is possible that he will not recover 100%, because his situation was too advanced, but I know that this improvement means a lot. I hope that people that suffer the same situation could have access to this treatment, because is it amazing to see my kid having a normal like without all this trouble” says his mom.


According to the state of the disease, it is classified in three stages. The first stage, with less than a year of development, it’s when the patient does not present symptoms of paralysis or lack of sensitivity. In this case, the treatment lasts 60 to 90 days with a 99% result. Stage two consists of patients with up to five years with the disease, that already present motor, sensitivity, vision and psychiatric problems; treatment lasts a year, and results can vary from within the year or after.
In stage three, where the patient has been suffering with this for more than five years, because the disease is more advanced, recovery is harder to achieve and it depends on different therapies and on a case-by-case basis.

Muscle atrophy

The term “muscle atrophy” refers to a group of more than thirty genetic diseases that cause progressive weakness and degeneration of the muscles used during voluntary movement. This diseases vary according to age where they appear and the amount of muscles it affects. Every kind of muscle atrophy worsens as muscles progressively degenerate and slim. Most of patients with this situation lose their walking ability.

Some types of atrophies also affect the heart, the digestive system, endocrine glands, spine, vision, brain, and other organs. Respiratory and cardiac difficulties are also common and some patients even have eating problems.

Muscle atrophy is not a contagious illness and can’t be acquired by any injury or activity. Generally speaking, the first symptoms are spotted by the parents. In the case of Duchenne or Becker usually occurs between two and three years of age. Duchenne muscle atrophy is the most common one having one of 3.5 of male births.

Multiple sclerosis.

Doctor Omar Ayrad offers the same treatment to patients suffering from MS, a neurological illness that destroys the myelin pods that wrap the nerves of the central nervous system.

Both diseases, muscle atrophy and MS present similar symptoms that lead to muscle tone weakness, joint paints and tone rigidity along with trembling, limb’s movement’s difficulties, numbness in some parts of the body and can lead to death as well, depending on the stage of it. Ten of out 100.000 people have this disease in Brazil. It’s more common amongst women and it is manifested between the ages of 18 and 45.

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  2. Buenas tardes senorita Elisabeth
    Sabe que estamos interesados en el tratamientoandamos consigiendo el dinero pero queremos saber exacta mente si necesito viajar a Argentina o nada mas que me lo manden por correo, cuando hablan de laS CELULAS MADRES QUE INPLANTAN QUIERO SABER QUE ES ESO.

  3. hola. ami medianosticaron con esclerosis multiple ase 2 años y me estoy injectando betaseron.pero nobeo rresultados y kiero probar con la medisina natural.del Dr. Omar Ayrad, por fabor doctor eske yano aguanto mas los dolores y no puedo caminar.

  4. please can anyone send me more information about this therapy? I am 20 years old and I have SMA since my childhood I can walk and I can go up to stairs by myself but not easily the big problem is that I can not stand up while sitting on a chair .I also want to say that after some exercises while taking bitamine Q10 and L-carnitine I saw a little muscle mass increase and I am able to walk easier and cover longer distance also I heard that electric pulses can help the situation.please if anyone has more information about this therapy reply on this comment it would be apreciated.

  5. Vivo en san diego y tengo un ataque muy fuerte de escleorosis. Me urge mas informacion por favor.

  6. My nephew has a muscle disorder and I need to know how to get ahold of Dr omar ayrad. If anyone could help me please please let me know!


  8. Quiero primeramente agradecerles todo su labor en encontrar una cura para SMA. Mi hijo tiene 5 anos y ha sido dignostica co SMA. Tiene los simptomas descritos en su inbestigaciones. Vivimos en Nicaragua CentroAmerica y quiero ver como puede ver al Dr Omar en Buenos Aires con mi hijo los mas pronto posible.Hemos cofiado en JesusCristo por sanidad y un amigo me envio sus datos que nos traen a mi familia muchas nuevas esperanzas.Espero su pronta respuesta.Gracias

  9. hola soy madre de un niño con dmd, quiero saber como acceder al tratamiento desde aquí Venezuela, gracias

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