Colon Cleanse Your Way To Health

By Tom Garimentis

The nutrition market has been booming in recent years. In response to obesity and a distrust of big pharmaceutical companies, more Americans have been taking personal responsibility for their health. Many natural heath professionals advise that colon cleansing is the first step to wellness.

If you’re like me, talking about cleansing your colon is on the same level as discussion about vomit. One of those nasty things that is disgusting to say the least. But with all the talk lately of the severity of colon cancer, I thought I’d better take a closer look.

After doing some research online, I discovered a large amount of information on colon and bowel cleansing. Every site I could find, even those not selling a thing, spoke of the necessity of a clean colon to good health.

Fecal matter will often remain on the walls of the intestines. (Even that last sentence makes me cringe, but this information needs to be discussed.) These remains are breeding grounds for parasites. If you don’t have a bowel movement once each day, you are more at risk. But even with a daily bowel movement, these parasites can build up.

These parasites mess with your immune system and become the breeding ground for all sorts of diseases. Just imagine what happens to rotting food in your garbage can and you’ll get an idea of the seriousness of fecal matter that remains for a lengthy period of time in your bowels.

Doctors and health specialists recommend performing a full bowel and colon cleanse at least once a year. There are many methods, diets, and products available to aid in this process. Some require fasting, while others involve consuming some natural substances along with certain foods. This colon cleansing process usually takes a week or more.

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