Doctor Omar Ayrad is a doctor and Argentine scientist, specialized in chronic and degenerative diseases. Graduated of the University of Buenos Aires in year 1986, matriculation: 72.945, since then have dedicated to the scientific research in the area of the phytopharmacology, dealing successfully at the moment with several pathologies using natural treatments 100 % with medicinal herbs. In the years in which he has been dedicated to clinic, he has treated all these ailments successfully, increasing therefore the number of people who have found the cure for the diseases they suffered.

At the present time, Dr. Omar Ayrad offers his treatment in the city of Buenos Aires where he has his office along with a team of doctors, he takes care of the consultations of patients who come looking for his treatment from different places from Argentina, from all America, Europe and Israel. Twenty years of exercise of the medicine and patients who have recovered of their diseases or have improved their quality of life guarantee their trajectory.