A Better Life in Seven Easy Steps…

By Craig Harper

7-Steps to Positive Change: So we’ve covered a fair bit of the motivational and head stuff recently…

So we’ve covered a fair bit of the motivational and head stuff recently.
Now I reckon it’s time to stop talking and start doing.

We’ve discussed how and why we think, feel, react, process and behave the way we do.We’ve looked at creating change from an emotional, psychological and spiritual perspective, now we need to roll up our sleeves and move from the theoretical to the practical.

Here’s my 7-Step Positive Change Model:

Step 1.
Identify what’s held you back in the past and do something about it.
If you don’t address the things which have limited you in the past, all the planning, dreaming and hoping will amount to nothing.
Be honest, be realistic and don’t be precious.
Typically, things like laziness, procrastination, fear, dis-organisation, ignorance, pride, lack of planning and research, and poor preparation stop people from succeeding.

Remember:If nothing changes, nothing changes.
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Step 2.
Make real decisions.
You know the ones.

Not the fluffy, which-socks-will-I-wear-today decisions… but those massive, I’m-gonna-change-my-life decisions.

Step 3.
Set specific goals around those decisions.
Might be behavioral goals: I will walk to work three days per week. Every week.
Health goals: I will lose 10kgs (22lbs) over the next ten weeks.
Career or financial goals: I will open my own business within 18 months.
Lifestyle goals: I will take a minimum of four weeks holiday annually.
Fitness/sporting goals: I will complete a half marathon within six months.
Personal development goals: I will read Craig’s site every day for an hour!

Specific, measurable and time-based goals work best.
They keep us accountable and pro-active.

Vague goals suck.
I wan’t to feel better – crap goal (vague, wishy-washy)
I want to lower my blood pressure to 120/75 and lose 10% body-fat – good goal (specific, measurable).

Step 4.
Create a plan
You know where you want to go, now you need to figure out how you’ll get there.
You won’t accidentally succeed.

Passion, commitment, determination and positive attitude are important, but if you don’t have a map, you’ll never arrive at your preferred destination.

Planning, preparation, research, time-management; all crucial and necessary success ingredients.

Many people fail simply because they are dis-organised and haven’t planned appropriately.

Passion will only get you so far.
We need to attach that passion to an intelligent plan.

Step 5.
Take action and keep taking action
Doers succeed.

Do something (big or small) today which will get you closer to where you want to be.
Make a phone call.
Buy some runners.
Make an appointment.
Go for a jog.
Clean out your pantry.
Fix a broken relationship (you know the one).
Start reading food labels.
Enrol in a course.
Buy a diary.
Get uncomfortable.
Do it again tomorrow.

Step 6.
Improvise, adapt, overcome, deal with set-backs
Often the most successful person is simply the one who deals most effectively with hurdles, obstacles and challenges.

Two people go through the same experience:

One says:
“I gave it a shot and I failed.”
The other says:
“Okay, so that didn’t work, I think I’ll try it this way.”

One calls a particular experience ‘failure’, the other calls it ‘a lesson’.

Can make or break us.

Easy to talk yourself into failure.

Step 7.
Finish what you start
The number one reason we don’t achieve what we set out to is…
we don’t finish what we start.

We are a nation of people who are constantly starting and stopping things.

Consistency is the key.

Why don’t most people who join gyms achieve their goals?
They don’t go.

They start but they don’t finish.

Even when the motivation wears off (and it will) do it anyway.
Even when it ain’t fun (and it won’t be sometimes) do it anyway.
When most throw in the towel, stay committed.

If you want to be like everybody else, then do what they do.

If you want be exceptional, then do exceptional things.

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